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Snoring Solutions!

January 30, 2017

Is your partner or family member snoring? You are not alone! Approximately 45% of the population snores and 25% of the population are habitual snorers. Many people do not consider a dentist’s role in helping to solve the problem. A dentist actually has devices they can provide to you, which you can wear at night to help stop snoring. These devices help to bring your lower jaw and tongue forward enough to help open up your airway. However, if sleep apnea is the problem, these devices may no work for you. A CPAP machine is usually recommended in these cases. The best way to diagnose the problem is to spend a night in a sleep clinic. This way it can be determined how many apneic episodes occur throughout the night. Depending on how many you have, an intra oral device may be all you need! Let’s set up an appointment to chat about your snoring concerns. Contact us at Maple Family Dentistry today!  

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