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Thrush too Much?

February 13, 2017

There are a number of reasons to begin oral hygiene care at an early age. Usually as new parents it does not become a concern until a baby is teething. However, oral care should begin before the teeth are present in a baby’s mouth. A dentist’s main concern is to prevent a treatable infection known as “thrush”. This is a fungal (yeast infection) which can show up in small tears in the gum tissues. This can occur from constant use of pacifiers and/or continual breastfeeding. Signs that would indicate thrush would show up as white patches on your baby’s gums, tongue or inside of the cheeks that stuck and can’t be wiped. Another preventative measure is to clean these areas of your baby’s mouth with a clean and warm wash cloth after feeding. If you have any concerns that your baby has thrush, contact us to discuss the best options. A prescription medication may be required to alive the thrush!

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