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Is My Baby Teething?

May 8, 2017

Naturally, parents tend to worry about every mysterious freckle and strange cough that finds it’s way to their infant. Teething is a naturally painful process for both parents and babies. Before jumping to conclusions as to which unique illness your child diagnosis fits, take a look at the list below of signs your baby is teething ● Irritability: according to surveys this is the most common symptom while teething ● Disrupted sleeping habits is another very common symptom. ● Not wanting to eat solid foods. ● Biting and sucking on strange objects; prepare for objects around the house to be smothered in drool! ● Rubbing their gums and ears. ● A mild fever has been found to sometimes occur during teething. If your child has a really high fever, chances are that something else is causing it. ● A rash on their face – teething is linked to a rash specifically on the face, other rashes around the body are unrelated. If you are still unsure if your child is teething, consult your dentist. To book an appointment, contact us at the Maple Family Dentistry! – Dr. Raymond Zhu

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