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Teen Oral Health Tips

April 24, 2017

What you do in your teenage years, affects your dental health as an adult! Teenagers are busy running around with school, jobs, sports and social activities. When you throw in eating a lot of junk food and you’ll likely end up with some dental trouble. The best way for teens to enjoy a nice smile is to pay attention to good oral habits. By making oral hygiene part of a simple daily routine, you can help your teen stay on top of their dental health on top of all other activities.

Here are a few tips to help your child get through the teen years:

1. Encourage brushing and flossing
Most of us brush but flossing is swept under the rug especially with teenagers. Flossing daily can help reduce bad oral hygiene that may lead to stains, bad breath, missing teeth and many other dental problems.

2. Set a good example.
Being a teenager is a very impressionable age, and watching someone you look up to take great care of their teeth reflects on their habits.

3. Keep soft toothbrushes and other products handy
Make sure to keep flavoured floss or plastic flossers with good- tasting toothpaste out in the bathroom. You can keep them in the kitchen for quick use when your teen is in a hurry!

4. No Junk Food
Keep lots of fruits and vegetables in the house for snacking.

5. Educate your children about the dangers of smoking
Some teens are presented with social pressures to start smoking or to get oral piercings. It is important for parents to discuss the dangers so their teens know the consequences of their choices.

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– Dr. Raymond Zhu

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